Jamie Votrobeck 

We  fall.

We break.

We fail.

But then, 






My name is Jamie Votrobeck. 

I am a farm wife and Momma of 4. 

My husband's name is Charlie, we have been together for 18 years, married for 12.

We have 3 boys and 1 little girl.  Their ages range from 3 to 9. 

We live on a farm in Southern Iowa where we have cattle, horses, and lots of fur babies.

We are very much so, an outdoors family. 

We love hunting, fishing, horseback riding, and farm life. 


I have battled being overweight off and on my whole life.

Negativity and comparison played a huge role in my struggles with food addiction and obesity. 

I have found out the hard way that all of the quick fixes do not work,

but thanks be to God, I found that lots of grace, self care and love do work. 

My mission in life is to help women stop the body shaming, excuses, and negativity. 

We all need to learn to love ourselves where we are at, and through out the whole growing process.

  I also want to help Wives and Mom's who may struggle though marriage and parenting.

We are all just doing what we can.  


My college years were my heaviest. 

I battled severe depression and packed on the weight. 

I started on a fitness journey right before our wedding. 

After getting married we decided we wanted to start a family. After 2 years of infertility, we had given up on having children. 

So I decided to start yet another fitness journey, and focus on myself. 

Once I learned to be healthy and be in a spot where God wanted me to be with in my life,

mindset and health, we were blessed with our first baby. 

Long story short we had 4 babies in 5 years.  My body went through a lot.

   So after my last baby, I decided it was time to take care of myself and that is where my most recent journey began 2 1/2 years ago. 


One thing I have learned over this last year, is life is tough, but so are you.

I will never try to portray the high light reel life.  I want to be transparent, vulnerable and real.

You will find I will always try to share my struggle with life, parenting, and marriage. 

I hope my story can give someone else hope.


This is me, this is us, and if we can continue to share our story with others and give them hope,

I know that is what we are supposed to be doing. 

If you are feeling hopeless as a wife, mother, or just as a human, know that you won't be stuck in the valley forever.

  You are strong!  You can get through anything. 

When you are tired of fighting, give it to God, he has already won the battle for you.

You are a Warrior! Judges 6:12


I am so thankful and grateful to have crossed paths with Teresa and to have this opportunity to link arms with Ace Revolution!

I love how God brings certain people in your life, just at the right time. 

We all have a similar mission in life, and God is going to use us all together to help inspire, empower and give hope.


Jamie Votrobeck

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